R.T & Co coin silver?

Recently, I purchased a silver lot at auction which included forks and spoons of different sizes and a beautiful fish slice - all from the same estate. There are different marks on these pieces although the pattern appears to be identical and all are monogrammed with the single capital T. (see photo of fish slice). Some are marked Jones, Ball & Poor which I learned was a jewelry retailer that operated in Boston 1846-53, some bear the mark Cooper & Fisher, silversmiths in New York 1854-64 producing coin silver. The other pieces, including the fish slice, are marked R.T & Co. I haven’t been able to find anything about this mark. Anyone familiar with it? I’d like to know if those pieces are also American coin silver and if that is a maker’s mark or retailer’s. (On 2 of the serving spoons marked R.T & Co, there is a round touch mark with the capital letter B in addition to the R.T & Co - this should show up in one of the photos) Thanks for your help.

I was wondering if you have learned anything else about the R.T & Co. stamp. I also purchased some spoons with this mark and can’t find any info.

Attached is a photo of the spoons. The mark is at the top of the photo, on the back of the spoon handle. If anyone can give insight to this, I would greatly appreciate it. These spoons came from a family who lived in Macon, Georgia, circa 1838.