Racine Silver Plate Company Tea Set

This was my great grand mothers tea set, and I was wondering if you guys could tell me anything about its value, origin and or what some of the pieces actually were for. Ive attached some pictures, but if you need more just ask.

Anyway, as best I can make out the tea pot, piece with interior tray(butter dish?) creamer and sugar holders all say Racine Silver P. Co. Quadruple, in a circle around a set of scales. Under that circle is the stamp, 0920. The tea pot also has a 6 stamped above the scales. There appear to be no dates anywhere on any of the pieces.

The lidded piece with no interior tray, says Racine Silver Plate Co, with out scales -instead incircling the words “triple plate”. Under that circle is again 0920.

The spoon and the knife seem to be from another set of silver intirely, even though my grandmother swore they belonged to this set. However, they have a wreath symbol followed by Rogers, another wreath symbol and 1881 xxx stamped on the stems. *note the knife is minus the xxx.

All of them are tarnished and seem to be showing the base metal in some areas, which might be copper. Should I polish them out and perhaps have them replated, or are they more valuable in their current condition?

Hi there and thanks for joining us. Your tea set was made by the Racine Silver Plate Co. of Racine, Wis. which was founded in 1873. It was moved to Rockford, Illinois in 1882 and renamed Rockford Silver Plate Co. so your set’s age falls between those dates. The spoon and knife are Rogers (American) silverplate.

Normally American silverplated wares such as this have little commercial value; however, due to the age of yours, I would carefully check sources such as eBay’s “completed items” section and see what such sets (and Racine holloware in general) are selling for. Replacements.com shows a Racine teapot similar to your but does not quote a price. Unless the set has great sentimential value, it is usually not worth the cost of re-plating. A gentle polish with a mild silver polish would be warranted.


Uncle Vic