Raf memorial cup

Hello all
New to the forum and to silver collecting in general.
I own a three handled cup and would be interested to know more about it and ask for some advice from members.
Unfortunately the marks are rubbed so I’m struggling to accurately ID the maker and year of manufacture. It does have some clear numbers on the base, but I don’t know what they represent. It also has a retailer inscription on the edge of the base.
If anyone could shed any light, It would be much appreciated.
Also is it possible to get the worn marks re-hallmarked with fresh assay stamps?
Many thanks

The maker’s mark is JW over FCW, the mark of Wakely & Wheeler (James Wakely & Frank Clarke Wheeler). I have seen this mark with London hallmark dates from 1890 to 1908 so it seems likely that the engraving was done on an earlier cup. To back this up the design registration number 37347_ was issued in 1901.


Thank you Phil
That’s really really informative and very much appreciated :+1:.

The cartouche (indent behind the date letter) changed from shield shape to square with cut top corners and a wavy bottom in 1896
That should narrow the possible date range. You have the actual item so you’re in the best position to have a closer look at the date mark (far right mark)
Here’s the possible ones

Thank you for the information and table MickH,
Very helpful, I’ll have a look at the mark with a magnifying glass and see if I can decipher the letter.

Happy hunting :blush:. This is a very useful site

You will find a few more details about Fg Off Mair on the IBCC website.



Thank you exmpa, much appreciated :+1: