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Rare foundry

I recently found a set of sterling salt and pepper shakers from a foundry in Anniston, AL; Rudisill Foundry. I am wondering if it makes the sterling more valuable if from a small, little known foundry or not, and if anyone has ever heard of this maker. All I have found out is that the owner of the foundry lived from 1859 - 1941, so antique. They actually have a simple arts and crafts style. Does it matter where made if not famous?
Thanks, Jere

Hi there and thanks for joining us. None of my books show that maker, but there are a lot of obscure small makers that slip through the cracks. Generally speaking there is very little “rare” American silver, with a few exceptions such as The Kalo Shop in Chicago. Small items such as yours have a fairly generic value as sterling.


Uncle Vic

Thanks for the information Uncle Vic, nice to know! If you know this, am curious about an incident that happened a year or so ago. A spoon from Huntsville, AL sold for either hundreds or over a thousand. I don’t know if it was made in Huntsville, or just from Huntsville, but it had the name on it. Do you have any idea why? Thanks again!

Sorry, no info on that spoon or any Huntsville spoons.


Uncle Vic

These shakers, made to look like foundry stacks, were given to Rudisill foundry employees for Christmas 1953. Sets are occasionally seen on ebay and other auction sites.

As a side note, Kalo is hardly considered a “rare” maker.

I may be interested in buying your salt and pepper shakers from the Rudisill foundry. How much would you want for it?