Rare....Yes, or?

Hi all.

Yes, I keep asking, thanks for helping me.

Old silver items are rare, but how rare? Say a sauce boat or a salver from 1750`s, is it RARE?
Something to collect? A item that will hold its value?
Yes, I know it need to be in perfect condition to do so, but a item that old, in perfect condition, I guess that is rare. Or?

Thanks all

In my humble opinion, that is something one would keep and pass down to generations. I would do so to explain currency, inherent value, and countless other timeless truths. You are quite lucky to have something from that period of American history!! Considering it was made in the colonial area of our country, BEFORE it was a republic (then destroyed into a democracy and now an oligarchy), I would consider it a prized peace that is not for sale. Do you know who made it?

question is asked by a Norwegian. Our cutural heritage is much older.
That should be considered. I only bye items made before 1850. Prefer things before 1800. My oldest silver is 1705 - actualy I look for pre 1700.