Rat Tail Spoons (Silver?) with emblems, hall marks.

OK, I know it is going to be tough but anyone like to take a shot?

99.9% Rat Tail Spoons (Real or plated Silver?)

The first emblem starting from the bottom of the shaft upward is: D.P

Then the letter C that is clearly built within a Shield shape.

Above that I can not be sure but seems to be a Harp shape with a crown above it.

Last emblem at top is what seems to be a woman in a dress holding something but could be male, not sure at all to be honest.

All the way up the tippy top of handle – back side of spoon where other emblems I mentioned are is a Lion facing left looking away with one claw in the air.
Above this lion is a CROWN, clearly a crown.

Can anybody guide me in any direction what so ever so I can continue my research? I have many others I will post as I move along here as in one with a deer/buck etc but want to take it one at a time.

I wish I knew what the D.P stood for as clearly is the MAKER?
Thanks so much, --HOUSE

BTW: I am Still trying to get “suitable” pictures TONIGHT. HELP!

The marks sound like a bit of a mixture - harp & woman sound like Dublin, lion & crown: Sheffield, C in shield: London. Keep persevering with the pictures as I don’t think we are going to be able to get much further without them.

Ok, my girlfriend is going to post some pictures in a few. I think the one spoon I referred to in this is by David Phillips. Lots of D.P

Know anything of him or if he was well known, rare, etc? Thanks!

We also have a William Toone from 1729 as well.

Thanks for the reply,

OK, here is 3 pictures of the spoon I referred to in my first post:

…images trimmed and resized by moderator…

This is a picture of the whole spoon:

This is a picture of the top backside of handle:

This is a picture of the stamps on the lower backside stem:

If you could help me with any information about this spoon, I would be highly grateful. I also have other spoons, knives and forks with different imprints. I am looking to sell them in order to catch up on mortgage and other bills but I need more information on them including their value. Also I was wondering which would be of higher interest or value out of spoons, knives or forks. I would greatly appreciate any information you could give me.

Thanks So Much,

Have adjusted your pictures.

This is a Dublin hallmark. DP is Daniel Popkins and the assay date is 1753 (I think the date letter is G, not C).

The “woman in a dress” is Hibernia, personification of Ireland.