reading my hallmark

i have recently posted something on here for you to read my hallmark but couldnt take a picture. since then i have took one. here it is. thanks.


Sheffield 1935. I’m pretty sure it’s the lower case s that was used then rather than the upper case S for 1960.

Thanks for your reply, I have also got a little football medal which is silver it has w&s then an anchor then a lion and then a. Sorting through some things and came across it, it is a little silver pendant then in the centre has a gold coloured circle with a footballer on it. Any ideas, trash or treasure :smiley:

Thanks again


The maker of your Sheffield pieces is Walker & Hall.


It is a big cigarette box, am wondering if it is best to sell private or my local jeweller says he will take it to bits to scrap it, I am thinking it might not do very well as it has some engaving on the front, any ideas :smiley: