Reed & Barton Francis I X567 compote & 2 matching bo

I have a Reed & Barton sterling compote 11.5 inch diamter, with 2 smaller bowls, about 7.75" diameter each. The compote has stamped Reed & Barton Sterling Francis I X567, and the two boxls are stamped the same, except for X569. They are in reasonably good shape and will polish up beauifully. They don’t appear to have any scratches, and have only a couple of small dark tarnish spots. They have been kept in a flannel anti-tarnish case for years. They belonged to my great aunt, who passed them down to my mother, who wants to sell them.

This is the pattern which has grapes and leaves.

What is a range of values for something like these? And how do I begin to go about selling them so as to get a fair price for my mom?

I’ can post pix if necessary but at this point I’m just looking for a range or approximate value.

I’ve found some listings for the compote alone, ranging from $695 - $995.

Hi there Erdoran and thanks for joining us. The X567 compote sells on eBay in the range of $800 then up to $1,300 at a retain store like Beverly Brenan. The X569 bowls are in the range of $400 each at retail. The retail prices are on the high side.

Ebay is the best place to sell them if you are experienced in selling there - watch out for frauds, they are becoming a real problem. Or go to a trusted jeweler in your city and see if they will come close to these prices.

Good luck!

Uncle Vic

Thanks…does the fact that it is a set add anything to the value, or is there no difference? I had looked at pricing on ebay, although I only found the compote listed; wasn’t sure whether or not that reflects the true value of the item, plus there’s the risk that you list it for a reasonable price (say $695) and it doesn’t sell, so I’m stuck with a big listing fee!

Because Francis I is one of the most popular patterns of all time, and still in production today, the fact that you have a set is of little commercial value as its very common on the market. My view is that the older R&B holloware is better made than the new stuff, so a savvy collector will be attracted to yours vs. buying new.

Go on eBay and check the “completed items” to get a good idea of what is really selling, the real world prices, and what is just pie in the sky. My wife and I have a good bit of Francis I and enjoy using it. Beauty of course is always in the eye of the beholder, but for some reason, my eye is attracted to the pattern, both in flatware and holloware.

I’d gently suggest you consider keeping it as a family heirloom, use it and pass it down to your family. Its value will do nothing but increase over the years, and with the price of silver hitting $22 a troy oz. last week, its sure a better investment that getting next to nothing on cash money.

Its very pretty stuff you have.


Uncle Vic