Religious Spoon?


I have this spoon, which seems to be a Religious object of some description. I bought it at Auction quite a long time ago and it was described as being an Antique, European Silver Spoon, but that may only have been a guess. There are absolutely no marks on it at all.It is c 23 cm long and the bowl looks as if it had once been gilt.

Does anyone have any idea ideas as to origin and how I can test as to whether it is silver?

Seems I can only post one pic, so I’ll post another by replying.


Copy of DSC01789.JPG


Another pic

And the last one …

Many thanks

Hi… okay, so I have NO education on silver or history at all [aside from the good ol’ public school’s definition of education] But the figure on the front looks like a combat dummy… The spoon may have less to do with religion and more to do with medieval militia.

Just a thought.