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Removing Black Marker Writing on Silver Bucket

I have a piece of silver, in the form of a metal bound wooden bucket and someone wrote the weight and conversion from grams to ounces on the bottom.I am thinking of using acetone and sponge to remove if dishsoap does not work.
Good or bad…real silver and not silverplate.

I think that ought to be safe although I’ve never had occasion to use anything like that on silver. I would advise caution at first and try a little bit on an inconspicuous part.

Acetone will work fine on silver. If that doesn’t remove the mark, use a little silver polish on a Q-tip and revolve it often to expose new cotton.

i dont know if this works on silver but it works on other things and sounds a bit rediculous, but try writing over top of your permanet black in with a dry erase marker and then simply wiping it away…this works if someone has applied a permanent marker to a dry erase board and on pretty much everything else ive ever tried that was solid and non-porous…again i dont know if it will work on silver but seems to be worth a shot

a polishing cloth or will that remove the gilt? :cry:

A dry eraser is much too abrasive. Please use the method I recommended above.