Replating Silver?

I’m brand new to this forum, so please pardon my ignorance…

I’ve been collecting silver flatware–both sterling and silverplate items–for a while now. Some of my favorite pieces are monogrammed pieces, including a few silverplate utensils with lovely monograms on them.

It appears to me that some of the silverplate has worn off (e.g., plate removal from the tines of forks). Is it possible to have these items replated? As a matter of personal preference, I’d rather keep these antique pieces with beautiful monograms than buy new plated utensils that lack character and charm.

If one can replate them, how much would it cost (e.g., per fork or spoon)?


My apologies for not replying sooner as I hadn’t been notified about posts until recently.

For a replating price, I would contact my plater – Roger Jette, Jr. in Massachusetts at 508/520-1493. He’s excellent.