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Request to all silver collectors!

Hello everyone,

Firstly, I really hope no-one will mind me posting this here!

I was wondering if anyone here would consider allowing me to film them in regards to their interest in collecting silver? The film would involve talking about your interest in collecting silver, explaining the time you spend related to your interest, and talking about the information you’ve learnt along the way – for example skills in identifying silverware, or an interest in a particular style etc.

I’m an art student studying towards a degree in fine art, working with film and looking at the ways in which we invest our time. I am currently making a series of short films about people’s interests, and would really value the opportunity to film someone with an interest in collecting silver. I am making each film in accordance to the individual, so there is a lot of leeway with how the film can look - anything you particularly want or don’t want will be taken into account. You would of course be given a copy of the film once it is finished and edited.
I have recorded my other films in people’s own homes, but I realise this would probably not be appropriate regarding a possibly valuable silver collection! So the film could be recorded in a cafe, a consenting museum or a place of your choosing, with some catalogues or similar illustrations to refer to as you talk.

Anyone with an interest in collecting silver would be great, regardless of your level of expertise or the amount of silverware you have collected. You would have the opportunity to watch the film and let me know anything you aren’t happy with before I finalize it.

I live and study in London, but I am able to travel. Please let me know if you think you might be interested, or you want to find out more. Any assistance would be very much appreciated! My email address is

Thank you all in advance!