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Reynolds Angels hairbrush etc boxed set

:question: HI,
I’ve recently bought, on separate occasions, a hairbrush-and-mirror set and a matching trinket box. I’ve looked up the hallmarks, but can you give me some idea of value? The hand mirror is a bit battered! Is it possible to have these restored?
I paid about NZ$70 for the lot - about UK 25 pounds

PS, have now discovered the design is the ‘Reynold’s angels’

Well, you bought it cheap. The brush is the least valuable but easily worth the full £25. The box is worth about £40 and the mirror around £60.

Well done!

p.s. the mirror can easily be replaced by a silversmith.

Thank you for this - I am pleased with myself now!
The mirror itself (ie the glass bit) is fine. When I said it was battered, I meant the silver back. This was the bit I was asking if it could be restired. Otherwise I might just look out for another brush.
also, does it make any difference to value that the brush and mirror set are still in the original presentation box? I personally like that about it!

Hi there,
Just for info ( as you probably know anyway) - the silver has an obvious Birmingham Hallmark for 1912, and was made by the silversmiths ‘Williams Birmingham Ltd’ - whose mark is housed in a heart shape. I would suggest that the set (encased in box) would have a total value of around £60, and as with the previous suggestion the hairclip/hat-pin box would have a value of around £30-£40.
Hope this helps