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Roberts & Belk Flatware

I have some Roberts & Belk flatware that I found at a garage sale. Pictured are all the pieces I have(3 knives, 1 butter knife, 2 dinner forks, 3 salad forks). I tried to take some pictures of the set as a whole and of the engravings/marks up close. The handles of the knifes and the entire forks are silver tarnished but the knife blades are shiny so im guessing that part isn’t silver. I have no experience with flatware so I have no idea what these are or if they are worth anything. Another note is that the handles of the knives feel hollow. Thanks for any help. Let me know if the pictures are not working.
Picture 006.jpg
Picture 002.jpg
Picture 001.jpg

More pictures
Picture 011.jpg
Picture 010.jpg
Picture 009.jpg

Even more pictures
Picture 014.jpg
Picture 013.jpg

The knife handle shows Roberts & Belk’s maker’s mark plus Sheffield hallmarks for 1965. The mark on the fork looks like a London hallmark, also for 1965, with the maker’s mark of C J Vander Ltd.

Knife handles are normally hollow with a skin of silver over a filling of some kind, often a resin. The handle and blade are assembled by warming the handle and then inserting the tang into the handle. When the filling cools the two parts are stuck together.

Thanks for the info. Any idea about value?