Rockford Coffee Pot

Or at least that’s what I’m assuming it is. It is very heavy so I’m assuming that’s why it’s hanging, making it easier to pour. The stamp on the bottom is Rockford Quadruple Plate. The design (I’m assuming) is 400. There is a roman number VII on the bottom lip of the pot. I know nothing about silver so any information you can give me will be helpful. I inherited quite a collection of silver and will be posting more pics with questions.
CRAFTS 037.jpg
CRAFTS 036.jpg

Hi there and thanks for joining us. Your pot was made by the Rockford Silver Plate Co. of Rockford, Illinois sometime between 1882 and 1925, when the company became the Sheets-Rockford Silver Plate Co. and was in business under that name until 1956.

The pot is silverplated - silver over a base metal - possibly copper, as opposed to solid silver. The “quadruple” means its was supposedly plated four times, resulting in a thicker plating than “normal” silver plate. In any event, the silver plating is very thin and will wear off if over polished. Use only a very gentle liquid or cream silver polish, and buff it sparingly.

It is a very unusual and pretty pot.


Uncle Vic