Rogers 800

I have several of the Rogers 800 Coffee sets with the 800 mark on the foot! I’ve been told the Coffee, or Teapot as some call it, is only 800 plated! Is this correct? I thought the 800 mark meant the entire item was 80% silver! Any information will be helpful. Thanks

Hi there Texas, thanks for joining us on There were so many Rogers that made American silver it’s like reading the Book of Genesis…the short answer is that your coffee sets are silverplated and the “800” is the pattern number. That mark was used on holloware between 1938 and 1976 and was part of the International Silver Co. at the time. You can see your coffee set on as code PCS3C. They are asking $249.95 for the three pc. set and $119.95 for the coffee pot by itself.

There was a nearly identical mark used on coin silver in the mid 1800s but the “G” in Rogers was upper case vs. yours where the “g” is lower case, thus a positive i.d. of the silver plated ware.

I need a nap after working through the Rogers family again…


Uncle Vic