Rogers A1 Silver Cutlery Set

This set is from 1881 and am curious to know if it is worth anything. Also, are we better off to have them cleaned up or left tarnished? Are they worth more cleaned up?

Hi there and thanks for joining us. As I’m sure you know, there were a number of “Rogers” companies over the years and if you could post a closeup picture of the marks it would help us to identify the correct maker. For example, the Wm. A. Rogers, Ltd. company used a trademark on silver plated items that included “1881” but didn’t start using it until about 1910. Most of the “Rogers” companies made silver plated goods, and their sterling items were almost always marked as such.

My view in general is that most old silver shows best when polished gently to highlight the workmanship and patina.


Uncle Vic