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Rogers Smith Co Japanesque or (Japonisma) Tea Set

Hi, My name is Patrice and I am brand new here. I am hoping someone knows something more about what I have.
I’ve inherited a Silver Plate Tea set that my mother bought in the late 1970’s for $800.
It was at an estate sale. It was given to a gentleman (J.E. Howard) and his wife from a Railroad for their wedding present. I have all the information on it.
All is stamped Rogers Smith Co. 1893 1/2, the tray is stamped the same only 1867 with the number 4 1/2 and a number 26. What do these numbers mean?
It has an extra sugar bowl and that is stamped Meriden, same date.

I have the matching tray and to my understanding it is a rare find.
The tray is huge and just beautiful! It’s 32 inches from handle to handle and very heavy.

A very similar set but WITHOUT the matching tray sold for almost $2,300.00 on Ebay July 2011.

Anyone know anything about this set or it’s value?

Thank You kindly, Pat B.


Hi there Pat and thanks for joining us. Your tea set appears to be silver plated and not solid silver. That company made silver plated goods for many years and there is an extensive comment about it in Dorothy Rainwater’s Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers, 5th Ed. pp 206-207.

The numbers are the capacity, pattern number, and patent date. It is a very nice set, but American silver plate does not command much of a price on today’s market vs. solid (sterling) silver.


Uncle Vic