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Russian Hallmark: Childrens Cup 1884

Hello, this is my first post and first purchase of antique Russian silver, or any antique silver for that matter. I am a coin man who is looking to broaden my collecting and selling interests. Please help with this hallmark. I did find a possible name but I’d like to hear as much info as possbile. [/img]

Well it’s St Petersburg as it has the crossed anchors. So we have the year 1884, the City, and the purity…so just the rest needed.

Exactly the same complete set of Hallmarks is show in: Postnikova-Loseva # 1149 but I don’t have that book to know what it relates to…any with from those that have a copy would be appreciated.

A novice myself, but this may help …
The ‘84’ is a silver standard mark, with the initials of the assay master with the year date below. It is normal for the assay master’s marks to be in Cyrillic.
So I would suggest that the assay master is Alexander Franz / Fan Der Flit of St Petersburg.
The letters beneath ‘PJS’ (?) are a puzzle.
Hope this helps in some way.

Thanks for the reply John…I did unearth that name…and the double anchors were also found on the base of the handle…so St Petersburg appears twice on the piece. All the best, Julian

A good first effort in this area of collecting and selling…sold cup for double what I paid to customer in Lithuania.