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S Kirk & Sons - odd additional mark

I am looking at set of silver from late 19th Century, marked S.Kirk & Sons and Howard & Co. some of the pieces have an additional mark : “11 oz”. Are they specifying the actual weight?

Thanks for joining us here on silver-collector. No, that would not be the weight in silver, probably the volume if its a container.

Uncle Vic

Thank you, Uncle Vic, for your quick response. :unamused:

Uncle Vic,
Here’s one for the reference books. Bliss at Christie’s said that the mark (11 oz) actaully signifies that it is not truly sterling silver with a content of 92.5 but rather a content of 91.67. Bought it anyway :slight_smile:

Well, that’s news to me…guess I’ll check that out. Are the 11 oz. marks on containers, say a pitcher, creamer, vase, etc?

Uncle Vic

Well it was n ews to me too!