Samuel Boyce Landeck 1899 Caddy Spoon?


This was in with a set of silver that I purchased at an antique festival. I’ve identified the one set of marks (I hope correctly but I know nothing about this stuff so I could very well be wrong). But what are the other marks? I cannot find anything Samuel Boyce Landeck from 1899 when I put it into a search engine. The closest spoon I can find in likeness to this one was a caddy spoon, is that what this is? Clearly I have no idea, and any help would be appreciated!

Here are the unidentified marks. This picture is about as clear as you can see with the naked eye, the lighter mark almost looks like a cup with steam curling out?

You have correctly identified the Sheffield 1899 mark. The “F” indicates that the spoon was imported, in this case by Landeck whose mark is here as a sponsor rather than maker.

The lion rampant in shield is the Dutch silver standard mark for 934 silver and the key indicates that the spoon was made for export. The other mark may well be the maker’s mark.

Thank you so much for your response. Its good to know I got most of it right :slight_smile:. So this peice is of dutch origin then? Is there any recommended websites where I might be able to find the makers mark to find out more about it? Also if anyone could verify whether this is a caddy spoon or not would be great!

You might like to browse through the posts here. I really don’t know what purpose the spoon was intended for; it doesn’t follow the shape of an English caddy spoon (relatively short handle). Presumably the figure of Justice on the handle has some significance.