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Scandinavian silver teaspoons?

Hi, I recently purchased this set of six teaspoons which I believe are Scandinavian in origin, probably Swedish. The hallmark shows three crowns with a town letter which I think is “S” and either a “1” or “I” and a “3” which could signify the Swedish dating for 1815. the spoons are quite sharp in design and have an engineered quality about them including a Celtic point handle. Any thoughts, observations and opinions are most welcome.

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I’ve attached some pictures

I have discovered since posting this topic that this mark can be credited to a firm founded by Werner Sittmann (1780-1831) in Köln (Cologne). The firm existed well into the 1860’s; this mark was in use at least as early as 1841.

The mark is an “S” (for Sittmann), flanked by “13” (for the fineness of 13 Lot (ie: .812 purity), below three crowns (taken from the Cologne arms).