Scandinavian silver

Hi all

I am new here and have just started to learn about silver. Why? I am seeking a antique ashtray and cigar cutter, and had some questions regarding hallmarks. So, here I am.

But, it is a lot of talk about silver. But, how was the silver from Norway, Denmark or Sweden? Good? Or??
What about marks on them?

Thanks for helping

post pictures and you can get help. To explain the mystery and history of scandinavian silver is a big job.
Danish silver regulated since 1400dreds - 3 tower mark since 1608 - 4 marks requered but often marked differently.
Norway danish tradition, 4 marks but often fewer.
Swedish different tradition 4 marks some times fewer.
Finland swedish tradition …
Germany city mark + maker often also lødighed.

so please be specific to much to tell in general terms.

the picture at my name - cup 17??, no hallmarks at all. Most likely swedish or baltic. Silver with gold ornamentation.

I had forgotten this post, wrote it long time ago. But it might interest you