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Scottish Boyd Family Clan - Confido on sugar bowl + initials

Hi everyone

i’ve got a Mappin and Webb’s Sugar bowl (pretty sure that’s what it is). Its Rd number is 71553.

It has 2 engravings on it. One in calligraphy writing that I think is WHK (possibly someones initals?) on the other side is the word CONFIDO in a banner and a right hand pointing upwards with the first two fingers pointing up, the last two fingers point into the palm. I have researched this to be the Scottish Boyd family clan.

Does anyone have any information on this family clan, that could help me with the history of this item

Many thanks,

IMG_3355 by hollys8, on Flickr

IMG_3364 by hollys8, on Flickr

IMG_3363 by hollys8, on Flickr

IMG_3357 by hollys8, on Flickr

IMG_3359 by hollys8, on Flickr