scottish silver half hunter watch - any info ( Not Scottish)

I Have a silver watch in case. Both case and cover are hallmarked W.H Lion Passant, E in box ( 1 think 1784) there is also a sort of shield with 2 sort of acorns and a sort of tree joining them. I can only find any refrance to William Hannay (of paisley) i think as a spoonmaker. The watch is in poor condition, but would like to know more about it. :smiley: :question:
I am now trying to upload some photos of the hallmarks - sorry about the quality!!
hallmarks on watch 006.jpg

If it is possible to see a picture of the hallmarks, that would be helpful. With a Lion Rampant, it might be a 19th century Glasgow item, but with a Lion Passant is more likely to be an English-assayed case. Seeing the shield shape for the date letter would help as well with identification of the year/locale . It is unlikely to be 1784 or made by William Haney of Paisley based on the description.

Again it might be a 19th century Glasgow (1819 or later) case if the tree mark is the Glasgow town mark and the Lion is in Rampant-standing on the two back legs) rather than passant.

Thanks for that - I will post photos as soon as poss - but my camera is too old!! I have done some futher investigation and am even more confused - the shield is in fact the chester mark with wheatsheaves, but the W H with a pellet seperating the letters does not seem to be registered there. the only WH I can find at chester is William Hall (apprentice to Jonathan Bateman, then anne bateman) although his mark does not have the pellet . Do you know if he changed his mark at any time to include the dot?. The letter E in box is most similar to that of , 1705 (too early i think)1801, 1823 or 1888. I have managed to get some better photos with my phone so here they are!!

Thanks for the photos. Yes you are correct that it appears to be Chester-assayed based on the hallmarks and is definitely not Scottish.

I should say that since we are now out of the Scottish marks arena, these are simply possible suggestions. Based on shield shapes (plus the lack of the earlier-used leopard’s head mark), the 1888/89 date seems most likely. However there is no duty mark that I see on the item. So the even later 1955/56 might also be possible (although the shield shapes for that year are less consistent with your marks than is the 1888/89 set).

1888/89 seems the best bet to me followed by 1955/56.

I collect silver pocket watches and I would say that, from its design, 1889 is the most likely date. Definitely not 1950s. 1823 is also a possibility but 1801 is out because of its recessed secondhand. Can’t help with the maker as I don’t have any reference books.

William Hammon is likely the case maker.