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Scottish spoon hallmarks

Family lore dictates that this 5.5" spoon may have belonged to my GGGrandmother (1791-1854) married in 1814, married initials CW, which are engraved on the handle. This family lived in Charlestown, Fife near Dunfermline, Scotland. If I am reading the hallmarks correctly it is Edinburgh silver produced around 1802-3 (?) by Andrew Wilkie or even Alexander Wotherspoon. I am a bit puzzled by the early date if it was a wedding gift. Confirmation of the silversmith would be nice. Anyone have thoughts on this?
Thanks - Kate
Scottish spoon hallmarks.jpg

This “w” is actually the date code for 1828 so it would not have been a wedding gift. Maybe your ancestors came into a bit of money.

AW is listed by the Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh as “Unknown”, but they also say that “It is likely that this is the mark of Andrew Wilkie.”

Thanks very much for clarifying the date for me. I can now see the clipped edges of the W shield so 1828 it is but unfortunately this date doesn’t relate to any family events either. The bowl is quite worn with thin edges so it has been well used in its day. CW is actually my GGGGrandmother (forgot a G) and at that time my GGGGrandfather was Head Gardener to the Earl of Elgin but that’s as close to money and royalty as my family comes. I am voting for Andrew Wilkie as the silversmith (gut feeling is all). Much appreciate your input!