Scottish Sterling Silver Presentation Box

I have a Scottish Silver Presentation Box that I am looking to sell. It was manufactured by Hamilton & Inches of Edinburgh in 1923 as a presentation piece for a retiring Colonel of the Kings Own Scottish Borderers by the name of Richard Waldie-Griffith, Bart. The box weighs a bit over 5.5 pounds, which at today’s silver prices puts minimum value at about $3,400, but the artistic value is significant. Hamilton & Inches told me about 4 year ago the replacement value would be about $23,000 (which would be a stretch to achieve in today’s market). If anyone knows of a collector of Scottish Military Silver please point them in my direction. The piece has the original wooden base, and the original red paste-board and silk lined box in which it came from Hamilton and Inches. The wooden base is 12.5’" x 7" x 3.375". The silver box, with lid closed, is 11.5" x 6.125" x 6.125".

Please contact me if you know anyone with an interest in this fabulous piece of silver.