Searching for the Administrator

Each time I try and add a picture to my new topic I am stopped with a notice saying it is too big and exceeds the allowable size. I have double checked my image and certainly this is not the case. The suggestion is that I contact the Administrator - am not sure how to do this?

I too am having a similar problem when trying to post a picture that fits the size limits.

I hope you have had more luck than I have as I have not had any reply as to how to contact the administrator and be enabled to post photos. Cheers Sheila

I am also having the same problem, has anyone found the solution?

No I have not had any luck and having searched the site cannot find any way of contacting the administrator - if anyone is successful would really appreciate being told. I have tried going into the “allowed extensions and sizes” and that tells me I am not allowed into the site. Cheers Sheila

Picture posting should now be OK - I have had this reply from Jonathan & David Franks:

“We have just doubled the quota so everything should be working now. Please let us know if the problem is still occuring, or if anything else seems wrong with the site.”

I am trying to attribute these marks which are on a lovely cast sterling silver cruet stand. There are three marks to the base of the stem, and on the bottom side of the base an “S” and a serial no. Has anyone any ideas? Is it American or French?
Ebay 2170#002.jpg
Ebay 2174#003.jpg
Ebay 2172#003.jpg