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Security marking your cpllection - your opinions please

Good evening everyone,

I wondered if people would like to give their opinions on security marking as I had an experience last year that made me think.

One of the very first purchases I made as a “newbie” was a job lot on an auction site.
I enjoyed examining them for their marks and researching them. On one I found a post code,( zip code) engraved underneath and found it related to a robbery several years earlier. Police forces are putting these things on the internet more often these days.

The item was only valued at about £15 but It was returned to the owner with no problems to myself.

I am seriously considering having a few of my favorite items engraved with my post code on the base.

I know that visible monograms, reduce the “desirability” of items in many cases but I feel that security marks may be viewed differently.

I would love to harvest opinions from all.
Many thanks

An interesting question.

I would advise against any sort of invasive marking for silver, even if well hidden, although we do see various historical scratch marks on the bottom of some pieces. For my own personal collection I rely on full records with pictures and descriptions - and make sure that I am insured for any loss.