Seeking Info on Cake Platter Manufacturer, Age and Value

Hi: I’m hoping “Uncle Vic” or a forum participant might be able to help me identify who made my rotating pedestal cake stand, approximately when, what kind of silver or silverplate the base is made of, and about how much the stand is currently worth. I’m attaching a couple of photos, which I hope will clearly show the makers mark on the bottom of the stand (appears to be a crest topped by a crown and flanked by the letters C and S on either side). The stand is in excellent shape, but a nightmare to keep clean – regrows a coat of orange-toned tarnish way too quickly after polishing. Appreciate any and all help. C.

P.S. Can’t post photos – apparently my jpg images are too large or too small. Key thing about the base is that it’s quite ornate (lovely scrollwork) and etched on the underside with the crest (can’t make out what’s on it), beneath a five-point crown (the center point almost looks like a Celtic cross), with the letter “C” on the left of the crest and “S” on the right.

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Because the stand does not contain the word “sterling” or a similar mark such as “925/1000 FINE” , the odds are 99.9% it is silver plate. The tarnish you describe is also an indication of plate. A quick scan of my references did not come up with a mark as you described, but let’s look at the photos.


Uncle Vic Roy

Camorese - thanks for sending me the photos. Your cake stand is a very pretty circular glass raised edge plate supported by a silver base. The marks on the base are as you described and very crisp. I’m sorry to say that after combing through every source of American sterling and silver plate marks I can lay my hnads on, I’m stumped. Because your item is more of a glass item than a silver one, my best guess is that the mark is either that of a glass company or a very obscure metals maker. With that said, yours is a very attractive item and I’ll call it American, silver plate base, post WW 2. Because I know virtually nothing about glass, I won’t venture a guess as to a value.

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And this was also a good opportunity for me to really dig through the available resources, and since the last time I looked there are at least two new silver plate mark online sources. I’ll post those up in the sources section.

Uncle Vic

I also have a completely silver dish with the same markings on it. It has a shell design, having three shells for separate serving sections, and a handle. I’m going to have to figure out how to take a pic of it.

Mari, welcome to Please try to take a picture of the whole item, then a close-up of the marks. If you are like me, sort of techno-dumb, try using a large magnifiying glass and shoot the digital pix thru it to get the marks. If you can’t figure out how to post the pix here, just email them to me at

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Thanks Uncle Vic. I sent you an e-mail. :laughing: