Set of 15 dinner fork possibly Richard Crossley?

Hello I’ve got a set of 15 large forks all with the same markings which I believe to be London 1802.
The makers mark is RC which I believe is Richard Crossley each one weighs around 75g and 1096g in total. The forks are 20cm long.
Could anyone confirm my presumptions and give me any idea of the value please.
Many thanks.

I confirm London 1802 and Richard Crossley.

Based on current eBay prices you can expect £30-£50 per fork.

Many thanks for your response. Do you recommend selling them on eBay then or is there any better ways to reach their maximum potential? Also if selling on eBay or anywhere else for that matter would it be best selling them individualy or as a set?
Kind regards, Alistair.