Set of silver goblets - what are they for?

When clearing out my mother’s house we came across a boxed set of 12 silver goblets hallmarked Elkington & Co, 1907, London. They each measure 7 cm high and 4.5 cm wide at the widest point. None of us can remember them ever being used (in 60 years!) and we would appreciate any ideas on what exactly they are for. Many thanks, Janine[/img]
full set-small.jpg

I don’t think that you you need to look for any deeper significance for these goblets than as drinking vessels. A bit ostentatious perhaps and not too good if you like to see that colour of what you’re drinking!

Thank you for your response. Okay, in that case I think they must have been for liqueurs or spirits. When full to the brim they each hold 2 fluid ounces only. From the date of 1907 I would guess the set were probably an engagement or wedding present to my grandparents who married in 1909.