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Set of small forks possibly Paul Storr??

Could someone tell me if these are Paul Storr forks please. I’ve got 12 of these each one weighing around 40g with a total weight of around 505g. I believe from the markings that they are London, George III dated 1817 but please correct me if I am wrong because I am very new to this. Any ideas on the value? Many thanks.

They could very well be Paul Storr. Your picture of the hallmark is not detailed enough to see the exact shape of the punch - and even if it were I would not give you a 100% definite identification. These need to to be seen “in the flesh” by an expert.

I agree that they are London 1817.

Paul Storr flatware comes up relatively frequently in eBay although many more spoons than forks. A single large dinner fork sold for £185 and dessert and table/soup spoons sell for around £100 each. If authenticated your 12 forks could sell for £1000-£1500.

Many thanks for your response. I’ve arranged to have them looked at by a local expert to have them authenticated.
Kind regards, Alistair.