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Sheffield Drill Medal

I have obtained this medal online. I presume t s a fob medal. It is marked Sheffield 1909 and is by Walker & Hall. It is 4 cm x 3.25 cm and weighs 11.2g. I am interested in the engraving on it: G.L.B DRILL SEFTON HALL PUTNEY. What will GLB stand for? Can Sefton Hall be the Church hall in Putney? Will ‘‘Drill’’ be like in army practice? The front shield is not engraved and there is no date on the medal, does this mean it has not been issued? Any more information will be greatly appreciated.
Drill marks.jpg
Drill front.jpg
Drill back.jpg

I suspect the initials might be CLB - what do you think? If so it could stand for Church Lads’ Brigade, a scout-like association with military leanings founded and organised by the Church of England. Marching drill would be part of the discipline. And Sefton Hall would be the unit’s meeting place. It may not have been issued - or perhaps passed on every year?

Yes it make sense that it may be some type of scout medal that has been passed on every year as it would have had a date if it has been used once. Will go and read up on the Church lads Brigade and see if I can find a link with Putney. Wonder how it got here to the tip of Africa.