Sheffield hallmark with no date letter

I’m having trouble dating and authenticating this drip cup from a Corinthian style candlestick. The base of the candlestick has hallmarks that don’t match the drip cups. I suppose I’m not even sure they are sterling silver. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Candlestick components such as sconces normally had only a partial hallmark with the full mark on the main part. The conclusion therefore is that the parts of your candlestick are a marriage which didn’t start life together.

JKB is the mark of Hawksworth, Eyre & Co, JKB being the company’s principal, James Kebberling Bembridge. This mark was registered in 1873 and replaced in 1892. I can’t narrow the date down much more except to say that there would have been no duty mark after 1890.

The base, by Walker & Hall, dates from 1920 and both parts are sterling silver.


Phil- Thanks very much for the kind reply! This is some very useful information. Do the miss-matched pieces affect the value greatly? I’m trying to find an appropriate Walker and Hall example that might let me know their worth. (This is one of the pair that I have).
Again, many thanks for the reply!


My personal opinion is that, if the parts are a good match, then the value (of which I have no idea) will not be affected very much, if at all.