Sheffield Paul Revere Silver Co teapot on a rack or stand

My friend lost her mother recently and is overwhelmed with trying to dispose of items in her estate. One of the items she gave me to research is a teapot with knobs on the sides that allow it to be suspended on a rack over a flame. The mark on the bottom says Sheffield Paul Revere Silver Co. Boston 401. I would like to know if anyone can help me describe this, tell me when it might have been made and what the value might be. What did they use as fuel in the burner? I searched on-line and looked through books, but couldn’t find a setup like this. Condition is very good. Thank you in advance for your help! - wapakaz
revere teapot on rack sm.jpg
revere teapot on rack mark sm.jpg
revere teapot on rack apart sm.jpg

Hi there Wapakaz and thnaks for joining us. Your photos are excellent and particularly the one of the marks - if all of our readers would post photos of such quality it would make identification of their silver much easier.

Your friend’s piece is a hot water vessel, and was made by the Paul Revere Silver Co. of Boston, Mass. which was in business from about 1912 until 1922 and made silver palted wares. If the burner has a wick, the fuel would be denatured alcohol (available at most any hardware store) and if no wice it would use Sterno, which is a jellied alcohol that is a little harder to come by nowdays. The vessel is used to keep water hot for the preparation of tea at the table.

It appears to be in very good condition and would be a nice addition to any table. American silverplated wares such as this gneerally have little commercial value. Try viewing the ‘completed items’ on eBay for values, or try to see if they might have a similar item for sale.


Uncle Vic

Thanks, Uncle Vic. I greatly appreciate and value your comments. - wapakaz