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Sheffield plate?

Is there any way these items could be solid silver? The marks all say plated, but I have done extensive acid testing including deep filing in inconspicuous spots, and all results indicate solid silver (except the shafts and nuts that hold the finials on) I feel certain my test results are correct, but it just doesn’t add up.
Any thoughts??? Thanks!

No, it is almost certainly plated. “Sheffield”, as you are probably aware, is a generic term used by some US manufacturers to indicate electroplate. Silver would almost certainly be marked as such, either by a hallmark, a fineness indicator such as 925, or the word sterling. I can only assume that your testing is contaminated by small samples of the pure silver coating.

Thanks so much for your insight. I was pretty sure there was some flaw in my testing (although I’ve done it many times) and your concurrence strengthens that theory. Thanks for taking the time to respond!