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Sheffield silver container

The attached picture is of an oval silver container approx 17cm high, 13 across x 22 cm wide. The lid, hinged at rear, has a wheatsheaf to lift it by. Engraved on central front panel is “From GIK to ENB”. The hallmark contains the initials and crossed keys of Henry Wilkinson & Co, Sheffield.
(HW over and Co). What is it?

It may be a jardinière - to hold a plant in a pot, or possibly 2 given the oval cross-section.

This site says that Wilkinsons used the crossed keys mark from 1843 to 1871.

Thank you.
I have edited my description to include the fact that there is a hinged lid to this container with a small wheatsheaf at the centre for lifting and inscription on centre front panel “from GIK to EBN”