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Shreve & Co Unknown Tea Set Pattern & Value?

I came across this 5 piece set marked Shreve & Co / San Francisco and has “2106” etched on it also. ive checked all the standard sites…, worthpoint, and quite a few others but cannot find this pattern. i actually found the original receipt from an antique shop from 1942 in the teapot when i removed the shrink wrap. any help would be much appreciated.[/img]

Hi there Gonzll and thanks for joining us. I see you have this set for sale on eBay at this time. There are several other similar Shreve sterling tea/coffee sets also on eBay with asking prices ranging from just over $1,000 up, with the median appearing to be under $2,000. Shreve is a good Anerican maker and I’m a little surprised that two of their tea sets have “buy it now” prices under $1,500. Fairly plain American tea sets have been selling for around $2,500 in the past couple of years and one would think that with silver prices being so high prices would creep up, but that does not seem to be the case. I have no clue on the pattern.

As an aside, the sale from the antique dealer took place three days before I was born, and my maternal grandfather, Jasper Ewing, ran a camera store a few blocks away from the Royal Street address for many years and was in business about that time. I don’t beleive that antique dealer is still in business, but that block of Royal Street - in the next block past Brennan’s Restaurant - still houses some of the top antique shops in America.

Good luck on your eBay auction.


Uncle Vic