Silver 42 flag set

I have a set of 42 solid silver flags. They have a description on the back of each flag i.e." FLAG OF MEXICO This Mexican flag flew over Texas 1821-23 carrying the coat of arms of Mexico and three stripes representing Union, Independence, Religion. Sterling F74" Another says “15th US FLAG Kansas’ admission as a free state brought the total of stars on the flag to 34. The new flag served from 1881 through half of Civil War. Sterling F74”

It doesn’t actually say capital F but there is a symbol that looks like it that I can’t find on my options to write. They are of varying shapes and sizes and are in a custom wood box with blue felt lining. They were a gift that I received years ago.

Any help would be appreciated as to what this collection is and what it may be worth.

Thank you!


This is the “Franklin Mint Flags of America” ingots collection. This appears to be the smaller of the two sets types issued and usually came with a certificate.

You can find more information on this site about Franklin Mint collectibles - [url][/url]

As a rule, Franklin Mint items are rarely worth more than bullion.