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silver 999

from my question I sure you will all know that I am new at this!!! I have a salt dish and a pepper shaker and the marks on the bottom are CPO silver 999. I think this is good, but does anyone know what the value would be of these items. the other part of my question is the spoon that is with it has no marking.

I can’t get the picture!!! UGH!

Thanks for joining us. The marks you describe do not give much direction to us. The “999” is normally associated with “pure” silver ingots, i.e. 999% silver vs. 92.5% silver (the other 7.5% is usually copper, for strength) for the “sterling” purity found in most UK and American solid silver. However, “999” purity would be too soft to be of much use as a utensil. In short, the marks you describe don’t “compute” with typical silver marks. A clear, close-up photo of the marks would help us help you.


Uncle Vic

thanks so much.

Uncle Vic- please take a look at the picture and tell me what you think this means, thanks so much!!! :question:

Thanks for the excellent photo - wish everyone could match that quality. But…sorry, I cannot identify the mark. I suspect it is indeed 999% pure silver and more of an investmant grade item as opposed to something intended for everyday use. Probably produced by a private mint in the English-speaking world?

Perhaps our readers have some ideas?


Uncle Vic

its hard to recognize this. Try a little scratch (tiny) somewhere un-noticeable and see how easy it is to do so. 999 silver is extremely soft and easy to scratch. I have a peice and beleive me a long fingernail can scratch it easy.