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Silver and Mother of Pearl Fruit Knife- value please?

Bought this at a car boot sale recently as am starting to collect them. I know what I paid for it but would anyone mind letting me know what I could expect for sell it for?

Does not have to be accurate but just a rough idea of what you think I could sell it for.

Also, I did try to tell one on Ebay but it came under the ‘Offensive Weapons Act’ so I was unable to sell it. Does anyone have any idea where I could sell the knives legally?

Kind regards and any help is much appreciated.


NB: None of the mother of pearl handle is cracked on either side. Condition is good.

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It is possible (but still against the rules) to sell these on eBay. Sellers get round the automatic detection of knives by imaginative descriptions such as fruit peeeler. You will find several fruit knives similar to yours in the completed auctions section although most of them appear to have been sold from places like Australia or the US where eBay appear to have no problems with the sale of these items. This should give you some idea of value.