Silver Ash tray Middle eastern:?

Hi , a colleague asked me if I could help him find out more about this piece. I’d be confident identifying Sterling silver but this is a bit outside my comfort zone. It weighs 168 grams and has prolific repousse decoration around the side. I am assuming the 84 is an mark for the purity, the rest I unable to decipher. Any comments attributing origin, makers mark, etc would be most welcome.

Thanks Gerry

Ok, with a little research I have found out this is Persian or more accurately Iranian. The 84 stands for .875 purity. The other marks are in Farsi and are the town and maker’s mark. If anyone knows Farsi out there and can translate these marks, I’d be grateful. Gerry.

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A bit like what I scored at a charity shop yeaterday. My sister who speaks farsi will have a look and i will have her read this one too. Can promise anything though. Here is my tureen… about seven inches all around.

Hello, not sure how to use this site yet but I don’t suppose you know what this is please? It’s 20” wide and 1.75kg, I think it could be mamluk? But not sure. Many thanks