Silver ashtray - Bernard Instone?

The silver ashtray pictured was given to a relative of mine by Queen Mary. Sadly it was in a house fire and this destroyed the inscription note and also damaged the “wings” of the ashtray and the rounded shape. Still it remains, I think, a very nice piece of silver. It is approximately 9.5 cm in diameter and 3 1/2 cm in depth. Could you please help me with the silver marks and also is it possible to read the maker’s name - I can see it is Bernard but not read the surname. Finally I would appreciate a rough valuation if at all possible please.
Silver Ashtray resized.jpg

Your picture is too small to see the hallmark and the maker’s name, but Bernard Instone’s pieces frequently had his name in script stamped on them.

Thank you very much for the information. I have posted a better version of a close-up of the hallmarks and I am hoping that this might enable you to get a better idea of the hallmarks/maker.

Thanks for the updated picture - the signature is definitely Instone’s and although the maker’s mark is not clear I am pretty sure it is B I to match the signature. The assay mark is Birmingham, 1929.

What a terrible shame about the damage. Is that the remains of enamelling on the handles? Enamelling is typical of Instone’s work and in fact he is better known for his enamelled jewellery.

Thank you so much for being so helpful. Yes that is the remains of the enamel on the “wings” of the ashtray - there is a blue coloured crowned thistle either side and obviously some green enameling as well. As you say - a real shame about the fire - presume this makes the ashtray worthless?

Not completely worthless but probably not much more than scrap value…

It might be worth your while to contact Al Heywood, an enamellist who is also in Australia. He does beautiful restorations.

Even as is, I myself (as a collector of Instone pieces) would certainly be willing to pay more than scrap for it.

Thank you very much for the information.