Silver Badge enquiry

I found this wee badge metal detecting in a local park today.
If anyone can ID it and / or the hallmarks that would be excellent.

Diameter approx 23mm
The hallmarks on the back read from left to right -
anchor - lion facing left paw raised - K
and below that there is another mark of I think 2 letters of which one
is not legible -
something F

The blue colour must have covered the full center at one time.

Finds - January 6 th 2012 - silver badge reverse copy.jpg
Finds - January 6 th 2012 - silver badge front copy.jpg

The k is 1909-1910
Anker is Birmingham. Lion is silver.
last is maker.

The maker’s mark could also be E, but the cannces are fairly high that it was JF for James Fenton & Co. Is the date letter k or K? As Hose_dk says, k is 1909. K would be 1934.

Thank you both for the very prompt reply.
It is definitely a capital K and on having another look at the makers mark I do believe it says JK.

So in summary I have a small silver badge or broach made in Birmingham in 1934 by James Fenton & Co. This badge found it’s way to New Zealand only to be lost in a large central park in the city of Auckland where it was found by an amateur metal detectorist on a fine Friday morning.

Thanks again for your help.
Kind regards,