Silver Basket with blue liner

I bought my first piece of silver the other day but unfortunately I have no idea about its age or country of origin. It has the initials EH and the number 900 followed by a 1, along with a strange makers mark or symbol, I can’t make out what the symbol is. I would be grateful for any suggestions or any information about this item.

This is the basket itself, three legs.

Hi, I think I saw this on ebay or one similar and I love it!! Didnt get to bid! Sorry I am a new silver buyer too, so can’t help on identifying this, but just wanted to say ‘lucky you’ !! :laughing:

Thanks Anita, you’re right I did place this item on ebay but I’m pleased it didn’t sell as I really would like to know a little more about it. Unfortunately up till now nobody on this site has been able to offer any advise, but I live in hope.

It looks to me like the bugle mark of James Dixon, however the E.H is a puzzle. … .html#DIX1

Many thanks Tomnik, the link informs me that the Trumpet & Banner logo was granted in 1879, and the second with the Dixons & Sons name added was in 1890. Therefore my basket would date from between 1879-1890. Also Dixons & Sons absorbed another silversmiths called Hutton & Sons, I have found a reference to Edward Hutton who may have been one of the sons, however I am still puzzled as to why this item doesn’t carry a full set of English hallmarks, I was convinced that my basket was continental silver because of the 900 mark. I’m still a little confused as to whether the info’ above is correct, but the trumpet & banner mark from Dixon & Sons is certainly identical.

Just a thought! I noticed that James Dixon opened premises in Sydney and Melbourne in 1912. If this was Australian made, would it be more likely to have the 900 mark, or a full set of hallmarks ? Any thoughts ?

I think you’ve answered your own question about the letters E.H. Well done. However, my initial thoughts, when I first viewed this item & it’s marks, were that it is electroplated - & I still think that is the case.
I would hazard a guess that the ‘900’ is a model number & the ‘1’ indicates the first item produced of that model number.
I am more than willing to be proved wrong, if anyone else wants to contribute.
Best regards