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Silver Bomb Shaped Container

I hope someone can tell me what this is. It is made by Tessiers of london. It is all silver. There is something inside that I am not able to see but it looks like a long piece of silver. It will not fit out the hole when you remove the propeller. It looks like a bomb. The propeller unscrews and there is a silver piece attached to the propeller. It is holow from the end of the propeller to the end of the tapered piece attached. The propeller has a small rope chain attached. The bomb also has a place you could attach a chain to suspend the item from something. Or the piece that unscrews may have been attached to that area so you did not lose it. There are some nubers etched in the top of the bomb (the flat part). The numbers were written not stamped and can only be viewed using a magnifying glass.

I just got a ident on the date marking.

Date made was 1928

The grade of the silver is .925 silver

The silversmiths for this item were

Arthur Martin Parsons
and Frank Herbert Parsons

The both worked for TESSIERS LTD. in 1928 when this item was made.