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Silver bonbon dish

And still another item–this one is, I think, a bonbon dish:

Maybe a covered chafing dish? With a missing burner in the recess in the base? Don’t recognize the marks, but probably silver plate marks?


Uncle Vic

I would have said this is an electroplated egg coddler, for making - believe it or not - coddled eggs.
A small burner would have sat in the base I think.
I have often been proved wrong though :slight_smile:

Sorry, I didn’t give measurements but it is too large for that. My guess is that it holds about a quart or more of liquid (if it were filled with liquid)

I would agree with the egg coddler idea. It should have a ring inside to hold around 6 eggs. It would also have a small spirit lamp in the base and be placed on a grand sideboard to keep the eggs warm for breakfast.