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Silver Bowl 800 GKK Mark

Hi! Has anyone seen this 800 GK.K hallmark before?

Good Evening
I think is is a Balinese Hindu temple offering bowl. I have posted a similar one while back but mine do not have any markings. Think they are from 1900 to 1950’s but not sure. It is made out of 800 silver. … t=balinese

Dear Jannie,

Thank you for posting your opinion, it appears to be right on target! The face or mask on the bowl does look Balinese and after a quick search I found several others on the web. The quality and craftsmanship is also what I would expect from Bali. Thank you once again!


Pleasure. I have struggled to get information about mine as it has no markings, but managed in the end. First thought it was a piece of Yogya silver from Java but they don’t use Hindu deities in there work. Wonder if mine comes from the same workshop as yours? They do have similarities. These Balinese bowls seems to be rare and beautiful pieces of art. There is pieces on the web but information is very scares. Think the owner of the shop I got mine, thought it was a piece of junk silver plate.
Have a nice day