Silver Bowl (Exemplar- Paul Revere)

K, I have one more piece that I am curious as to whether it has any worth or not. And this one I cant seem to find on

It is a silver bowl. I know little else about it, has the markings of “Exemplar”. I can find Exemplar items on replacements but nothing with a price. I do have some pics of the bowl up at- [url][/url]

The stamping reads:

Sterling Silver

Paul Revere

Cant seem to really find this bowl on ebay either. A few similar but none bearing exactly this stamping. I do realize any info here is FAR from a 100% perfect appraisal but…can’t hurt to get opinions.

The bowl measures 8" across at the top, 4 3/8" across at the base, stands 4 1/8" high and weighs 1lb 4oz.

It is in pretty good shape overall with just some signs of normal usage. The only major blemish would be a small dent just below the monogramming (I have a picture at the link above).

Thanks Again!